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A game engine built entirely on camera. Started as a YouTube video series, now live-streaming on Twitch.

Kohi is a game engine built via a series on YouTube (and now Twitch), step by step. Initially inspired by the Handmade Hero series, Kohi is the product of an ever-continuing learning exercise led by game engine developer Travis Vroman.

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Open Source - All code is available for free on GitHub and Apache 2.0 licensed.
Royalty Free - You don't owe us a danged thing.
Cross-Platform - Available on Windows, Linux and macOS. Other platforms planned for the near future.

Learn how to make a game engine

Follow along with the series on YouTube and/or Twitch we create a game engine from scratch using C and Vulkan.
Along the way, we discuss everything from design patterns to API use,
including build systems, an asset pipeline and even an editor.
Use of 3rd party libraries will be limited.

Of course, Kohi will be tested every so often by stopping and making a game.

Learn How Engines Work

Creating a game engine is a daunting task that's not for everybody. One of the questions that comes up a lot is how hard (or how much work) it is. This series documents one such process as an example. While it will never compete with the likes of AAA engines (nor is it meant to, as those require huge teams of people), it is a way to shed some light on this in a very real way.

Be warned though, it is not for the feint of heart, but if you are up to the challenge...

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Join the Community

Although the project started in late 2020 (although publicly early 2021), Kohi already has a community growing around it. Join our Discord today!

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Support and Contribute

Kohi is meant to be a community project once it gets off the ground. This means that, as a project, it was designed with eventual community involvement in mind. Once the engine reaches its first stage of maturity and is feature-complete (ish), community contributions will be highly encouraged.

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